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GM Pastor Alan....You amazed me everytime....Humilty and Wisdom has being rumbling in my quite time....while reading I see humility which is something I often pray for....then you end on humility❤️ one of the 7 Spirit character of God Ps 113 and Phil 2....Father even humble Himself. .His Mercy and Grace are new everyday

Enjoy your trip.....

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All my life, there has been one thing clear to me. North America has completely different 'rules' and structures that I don't love and it makes me feel like I'm missing out on a lot! My life based on feathers. If you do this to move ahead, you pluck a feather. The idea of a construct designed from humility! What a blessing to dream of and witness in some cases.

These ideas of getting more while those suffered were created way before I was born. Before my grandparents even. This will always be a truth of the world we live in. Though norms are ever changing as men used to wear heels and women never wore pants. I am reminded of the existence of our vulnerabilities and joyfullness through other cultures. Cultures that have less materially, so have more to draw from spiritiully to create happiness.

Thank Pastor Alan

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