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Thanks for this Alan. I always enjoy your perspective.

An interesting synchronicity…my most recent meditation/poem reads:

Life is simple, but it ain’t easy

All you’ve got to do

Is make one heart beat at a time

Just hold you breath

Then hold it ‘til you take the next

Just keep on breathing friend

You’re doing fine

As simple as it is

Life’s not that easy

It’s what you do with all that breath

That makes a life worthwhile

It’s holding tightly to your vision

Sticking’ closely to your values

Gratefully receiving

That’s what makes a life sublime

Not Leonard but….😊😎

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Mar 7, 2023Liked by Alan Davey

A big YES!

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Thanks Muyiwa for your word!

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Hey Bob, Thanks for sharing your piece! Beautiful! It does fit nicely with Cohen. A.

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